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There are lots of different sports like Football, Netball, Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, Badminton, Athletics, Boxing, Dance, Climbing, BMX, Archery and Squash.


A bit about each sport,


Football is a sport that you could play at any age.

Netball is a sport where you bounce the ball and throw it in a hoop.

Rugby is a rough sport to play.

Tennis is a very good sport to play it involves a racket and a ball.

Hockey is a good game to play but you might get hit around the ankles.

Badminton is a racket sport as well but you only hit them on the volley.

Athletics is an amazing thing to do because you get to sprint and run around a track.

Boxing is a funny sport you get to punch each other.

Dance can be fast or elegant and you can where lovely long dresses and posh high heels.

Climbing you can do anywhere up a mountain or even an indoor climbing wall.

BMX is very fun because you can race around on bikes.

Archery is a fun game to do with friends you can shoot targets with an arrow.

squash is a good thing to do because you get to whack a ball against a wall.


Thanks for reading my 4 blog post!


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Tillie W.

Commented on 10th May 2019

Thanks I did not know what some of those sports were I am going to give them a go.????????????

Tillie W.

Commented on 10th May 2019

nice blogs tillie


Tillie W.

Commented on 10th May 2019


good work

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