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the zone

The Zone is a place for kids to play and go on the computers. We get food. Mrs Saunders and Mrs Lewis-Forest look after you.  Also it is a place for your children to go so that you don't have to worry about being late. Also there is breakfast club were you kids can have breakfast and colour and play games.


I recommend the zone and breakfast club.


I will keep you updated.


Dance blog week two



Most costumes are Toto put not always in pink. Sometimes they are blue, green, pink, purple and more.  Dresses are also worn in shows.

The shoes you have to wear are ballet slippers or point shoes. Point shoes are shoes with a wood base at the toe.



Some of the shows are swan lake and other elegant films. These shows contain a lot of dancing and some acting.


places to train

Good places to train are studios with mirrors and places on ground floor otherwise all people below will hear is thud.


See you next week!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Fletcher

Saturday 6th October 2018

Today me and Belle Gilbert went to bath. we met at a restaurant and had breakfast. We had pancakes with bacon and syrup. After that we made our way to the forum in bath. we took our seats and were surprised to find that Katie Thislton from Cbbc would be interviewing Tom Fletcher on stage.


After the show we were delighted to find out that Tom Fletcher would be doing a book sighing. Belle had to go to ballet so we got her book signed by Tom for her. Me and my mum waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes when finally we got to go and meet Tom Fletcher. He signed two of my books, The Creakers and The Christmasourus. Belle only had The Creakers signed.yes 




Georgia Wells

Times Tables Rockstars.


??Times tables rock stars is a website and app that gets kids better at their times tables. You can battle people and earn coins. Also you can make your own animated person.laugh I am a headliner witch means that I am quite fast.yes I recommend times tables rock stars for pupils.

dance blog week one

Street dance


Most costumes are leggings/joggers and crop tops.

They are not very fancy.

Jackets tied around the hips can be seen quite often.

Places you can train/perform

You can be in carnivals and shows.

Some of the best places to train are in town halls and big spaces.smiley

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