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tips on bullying

I have been through bullying myself and I would like to give you some advice on how to handle it. I know that it is hard not to say something back but these tips will help. my tips are:

  1. First of all try and ignore.
  2. Also try not to say something mean back to them because that will get you into trouble yourself.
  3. Even though it is hard not to cry or get angry try your best not to do any of that.
  4. Most people bully others because they are experiencing a tough time at home or have been bullied by someone else.
  5. Just ignore anything they say toy you. Don't be rude just tell them that they are not changing your feelings.
  6. Some people bully because they are jealous of you so just keep thinking that you are awesome.

?Hope these tips help you.  

?bye from Georgia

Work I am proud of - Maurice description

Maurice loved to invent things. Every day he would have a new invention or even 5. Most people thought he was crazy. "Why don't you get a proper job?" People would ask but Maurice would just turn back around pick up his hammer and get back to work. Belle's father was a lovely man and cares for everyone and everything. He skipped to his work shop everyday and sit there from 5am till 9pm. 


His clothes were black and were covered in soot and dust. He had an oval bony face. His white curly hair was covered by a hat the colour of the sun that he always where's. His icy blue eyes shined in the dim light of the stars every time he took the one thing he cared about the most star gazing. That thing was...Belle his daughter. His black boots trudged in the snow as he took belle into the town centre so that she could get herself another book. His mouth was always curved upwards and the only time he would cry was when he was reminded of his wife ( Belle's mother ) who died when she was a baby.


Work I am proud of - rhyming spell for the beast

As heartless as you seem to be,

An awful curse I put on thee,

Your beauty will now dim and fade,

A horrid beast you will be made,

All now in these four walls, 

Will share the fate that now falls,

You have until your twenty first birth,

To be loved by one who is worth,  

Your heart is mean and cold,

So needs to be turned into gold,

You are not the only one,

To which this curse bad has done,

Selfish,mean, unkind,

You need to have a loving mind.    


Thanks for reading  

                                                        Georgia wells ????


dance blog week 4

Dance Tips

  1. When you are doing a high kick always have a pointed toe.
  2. When you do a spin make sure that you don't do it flat footed.
  3. Always spin on a toe.
  4. Extend your moves. Be over dramatic.
  5. Always smile.
  6. In ballet be elegant and grace full.
  7. Show emotion.
  8. Always stay hydrated and have a healthy diet (that means you can still have a few sweets per day)
  9. If you are going to dance classes then listen to the input so that you can succeed

HOPE THEESE TIPS HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Georgia Wells

dance blog week 3

Modern dance



Most costumes are beautiful dresses. Hair styles can be

  • Messy Bun
  • Curly pony tail
  • Lose hair
  • and more

Places to train.


A good place to train is proper studio (places with big mirrors)

Village Halls are also good places to train



Some performances are Aladdin, Peter Pan AND MORE.


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