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spidrman haw to play

Spiderman game


How to play the game is you swing and defeat villains and save people and you can customise your character you can also swing to building and change the colours off you character. And there is lots of evil people like venom and green goblin. You can make weapons put colours on your weapons you can change Spiderman to different people.

A day in the life of a staverton school pupil

A day in the life of a staverton school pupil...

I am Georgia Wells and I go to Staverton school. I am in Wolves class which is taught by Miss Allen,Miss Jones. The TA is Mrs Nevers. This school is AMAZING. All the teachers learn your name even if you are not in their class! I love ?? this school! I have been here since I was four! This school has a laptops and everything AMAZING.They even have before and after school childcare. So this is what is is like:

In my class everyday when we come in we find were we're sat and we do something called a RIC. A RIC is were we answer three questions about a picture or a video. The first on is the R, a retrieval. The second one is the I, the interpret. And the third is the C, our choice. Once we do that we do guided reading were we read a class book. ( right now we are reading Percy Jackson and the lightening thief) Then we answer some questions on the chapter we read. Once we have done that we do English. Then we have snack time. When we come in we do maths. Right now we are doing fractions. After that we normally do finishing of our English. Or on Tuesday we get changed for PE. Then we have lunch. When we come in we do fun lessons. On a Friday we do something called continues precision. We do all sorts of fun things. That is how life is at staverton school.

Bye from Georgia Wells.


Anti-bullying week

Hi friends, 

 Today will be a blog about anti-bullying. This week our school is trying to stop bullying. If you are being bullied these are my tips.

  • First tell someone you trust what is going on.
  • Also try not to do it back.
  • Tell them how they are making you feel.
  • Ignore it.
  • Help them.?

They might be bullying you because they are going through a tough time at home or they have been bullied by someone or they are jealous.

 What we have done so far

On Monday we all came into school wearing odd socks 

On Tuesday we wrote anti-bullying poems or raps

On Wednesday we are drawing hands and writing in them 5 people who can help us if we are being bullied.

On Thursday we are making bullying videos

On Friday we are doing random act of kindness 

Love from Georgia ????

My favourite authors

These are my favourite authors.  

  • David Walliams 
  • Jaqueline Wilson 
  • David Baddiel
  • Jk Rowling 
  •  Phillip Pullman
  • Anthony Horowitz 

?these are amazing authors and I love their work

love Georgia wells 

West end and theatre

Hi this is a blog about what I love the most.

Some of you might not know what the west end is and that is ok.  It is were people go and perform a show like Snow White and the Severn dwarths or Peter Pan or Robin Hood and more. Most of the time they are held in grand theatres all around the world. The west end is what they call pantomime in London. In New York they call it broadway. I am in a pantomime myself. I am in Robin Hood. You can come and watch it but I am only in some of them as I am under the age of 14. You can book tickets online. We rehearse every Friday and we all can’t wait till January.


Bye from Georgia Wells

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