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shool playtime

At playtime I plaied minecraft and racing and war robots and I wassmiley.

About are film tralier

smileyI was happy when we did are film tralier. 

It was good and it was very good when i got a good partner.

I was suprisedwink it was all good untill something  happend a villan was fighting a superhero the villan won the superhero was down untill she jumped up and got the villan DOWN. heart


 She never won but something else happend the villan got more people to fight the 2 superheros then we made one of the superheros a villan so there was 1 superhero and now all the villans took over the world.


I never one the villans won because there was 4 villans we never got to win only the villans


Finally we all won but the last part was that the villan's won and they got what they wanted they got the world to be gone then the superheros were gone and the villans won forever so they got everything they wanted.               laughheartcoollaughcheekyblush And that was the end and the villans got what they wanted 


Thats the end By Ava


ss great britain

In my lunchbox I had 2 drinks 2 chocolate bars and a apple

a sausage rolls  I had 9 things in my lunch box. We sore a swan  a baby swan swimming in the deep seasmiley.  we went under the boat and the water was the siling but It did not fall on us because there was glass on top heart.  we  went to the deck and sore manicuns  and brunel cool.

 I loved itwinkcheekylaughangelheartcool.


play time

At play I played a dog.This moning I played with my cosen.



I saw the SS great BRITAN it was huemungus. There was loads of rats black rats and horses and pigs and chickens geas and whale and engions  ???? And ducks and dinos 

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